Looking for a smart rubbish collection

This is one of the hardest challenges in the world. Waste we leave behind us needs to be dealt with, but you may struggle to find the perfect solution. I spent weeks traveling around the world, looking for startups that might tick the box. I still haven’t found one.

Panda Bag for my Baby

When my son turned six months, I thought it was time for him to get a bag. A proper fashionable one. One he could carry his toys in


Best Intercontinental Sleep

I always travel economy because I’m not rich, so moving to the right place at the right time is absolutely crucial. Don’t wait until the seatbelt sign has been switched off. Just move to the nearest spare seats.


Mr Wang

IMG_20170314_001954 (1).jpg

Every Wanda hotel and plaza has a picture of Mr Wang. I never been able to read it because it’s in Chinese, but apparently it’s a biography that tells the story about the of  the China’s biggest real estate owner and Asia’s greatest cinema operator.

Shanghai Traffic

Hackathon lunch

Seahorse and chicken soup

In London, we normally roll with pizza and beer, so imagine how I felt when I walked in the room and saw a table set for a state dinner. This ten+course menu offered the most obscene creatures such as seahorse and duck feet.



I pose too much

We had a two hours break during the hackathon, so we decided to make the most of it and hit the road. I must have been the weirdest European they ever seen, becayse I kept on posing in the same sport/  People stopped and probably asked themselves what on earth up doing.


Messing around with Camera Settings



You can have a lot of fun with a panorama shots. Just move around and you’re everywhere 😀

Hypedledger Hackathon with Wanda

This is the poshest hackathon I’ve even been to. In London, we normally settle for pizza and beer, but this was a completely different level. Held in a 7-star-hotel (yes, seven), the two-day-even had sea horses for lunch and ten thousand pounds for the winner.

Me and my colleague in the hotel lobby, watching every step we take. I would have to work my whole life to replace one of these candle holders.

I’ve covered loads of things, but never in my life did I have to set the lights in a suit and high heel shoes.

My First Trip To Shanghai

In March 2017, I set off to Shanghai to cover the biggest ever blockchain Hackathons in Asia. It was my first trip to China, so the pollution, the traffic and grand tech development was completely new to me!

Local Finance Hackathon/Debt Resistance UK

After the financial crisis, councils around the UK were encouraged to borrow money from banks in order to pay for social projects. These loans came with very harsh conditions and up to 9% interest rates and were commonly referred to as “LOBO loans”. This caused a massive cash-flow shortage, as the councils were forced to pay the LOBO before using their funds for local community services. In practice, this meant that the banks got paid before the schools, childcares, parks and road repairs. To tackle this, a group of political hackers got together in Newspeak House, where they spent 48 hours thinking of various solutions.

Unlike most hackathons which mainly focus on IT, this event brought journalists, musicians and developers under one roof to work on lobo loan issues.
Here are the councils with the most debt
Newspeak House is where political hackers get together to work on social issues. It’s a stones throw from Brick Lane, and normally has a selection of organic teas, apples and home-made cookies.

Blockchain Week Hackathon

  • Over 70 people turned up for the three days event held at Launch22, London
  • Attendees included Papua New Guinea central bank, looking to use blockchain
  • 1st prize went to Julian Bouteloup who made money transfer box for remote areas




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