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I am entrepreneur and journalist from London, who covers ways new tech affects our lives. I look at innovation from around the world via conferences, hackathons and street corners and collaborate with major companies on content delivery, start-up scouting and due diligence. Right now, I’m looking for inspiring, versatile and crazy innovations in fin-tech, health & bio-tech, robotics, big data and augmented reality.

My background includes documentary and news coverage, with projects for major publishers like Press Association and News Corp.

Zoegi Ltd, London UK I Jan 2017 –Present, Founder and Producer

– Research startup ideas for collaboration with major tech companies
– Reporter and live present tech events around Europe and Asia
– Create PR campaigns and content strategy for new companies
Panda TV poster.jpg
This is a banner from the Hyperledger hackathon live stream broadcast in Shanghai. I co-presented the event on China’s main internet portal ‘Panda TV’ for thousands of online viewers.

Press Association, London, UK I AUG 2016 – JAN 2017

– Co-ordinate shoots, interviews, conferences and clear UCG
– Write multimedia-friendly scripts and edit videos
– Handle PR releases and convert them into multimedia

The Times/The Sunday Times, London, UK I FEB 2014 – MAY 2016

– Create videos for The Times and Sunday Times digital edition
– Plan strategies for breaking news, features and commercial content
– Work with the legal team to ensure the legal standard of content

Vice UK, London, UK I AUG 2013 – FEB 2015 Foreign News Videos Dept

– Create content around the conflict in Ukraine
– Translate and sub interviews on to tight deadlines
– Quality check for legal and language accuracy

Upstart Media, London, UK I DEC 2012 – DEC 2016

– Manage the relationship with above-mentioned clients
– Create the concept for the multimedia music video platform SynQue
– Created ‘No Roads’ – a 3D animation about the future of cities
– Execute gonzo journalism such as ‘Living on on The Edge’

BCI, London, UK I AUG 2011 – DEC 2012

– Produced the cycling series ‘Better Than Four’ (BBC Worldwide)
– Plan and source content for all the broadcasted episodes
– Engage the sports community and clear the rights for UGC

BBC World Service, London, UK I APR 2010 – AUG 2011

– Assist producers with concepts, ideas and storyboards
– Research stories, identify key people and schedule interviews