I was young when I had my son. I had nothing sorted. The “dream” of a mortgage was completely out the window.  But was I happy to have a baby?

for (i = 0; i < baby.length; i++) {
text += cars[i] + “<br>”;

In plain English: I was over the moon. Children are so much fun. Their logic is clear… and what geek doesn’t like logic? I remember when I was a little girl, trying to approach adults at a part to play. I was always thinking: how long can you eat for??? Is it even possible to eat that much? And does that nonsense ever end? Because all I see is eat, eat, eat, talk talk talk… You guys are sooo boring! STOMP!!!


I found out about my pregnancy while being given some real good offers from the top tech firms. I could live a dream… in theory. But I was much too keen to live a life …in practice. Behind those numbers, what where they actually offering me and every other lost soul that was wondering around the planet? They weren’t. And here’s why:

  • Women own 5 percent of startups
  •  7% of the top VC firms are women
  • 11% of the expect position in the Silicon Valley are women
  • 74% of the girls out there express an interest in computer Science


Looking at my odds I was pretty fucked. Not only was I a women, buy also a pregnant one. I had to find a new business – a new way to support myself and all the women that want to get a life. I love women with lives.


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