Green Energy – Make them pay

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There are stories kicking around about the end of the world. Environment is turning on us, and the change in the weather, has already made a change to our lives. The heat has burned down a lot of the crop and many of hotspots of our agriculture have turned into deserts after lack of rainfall and rise CO2 in the air.

The worst yet to come when the artic ice finally melts and all the pollution, that it held for years, is released into the atmosphere.

The worse part of this story is that there are solutions. Both solar and wind provide a sustainable electric supply if used properly. Trouble is that it doesn’t provide a quick cash return. It costs a lot to build and is a very complicated business.

Imagine a solar project in a sunny village. Some of the buildings are split into several apartments, others are individual houses. Yelli on the third floor decided to install solar power in her flat, but Charles on the second is a bit broke at the moment. He’s happy to look into this option in one years time. Meanwhile, James, who lives in his own house, decides to do it himself. Having looked in several options, he found out that the cost of installing the panel, is as high as renovating the whole house. His husband has been nagging at him for years and if he doesn’t do it now, it will probably cost him his relationship or his right leg.

Yelli then decided to write to the local government to see if they can install the power across the village, and after years of lettres and phone calls she finally got an answer, saying that, unfortunately, it’s too expensive to bare the cost.

It is, in fact, expensive to bare the cost. An installation for one single house can vary between £2,000 and £18,000, so it takes decades to get that investment back.

While hard to get local authorities and politicians involved, it is possible to point the finger in one direction: the corporations that are making significant money out of this planet. Whether you make coffee or electronics, you will see a direct impact on your businesses with even a slight change in the environment.

This is why convincing companies such as Google or Microsoft has not been as challenging as getting funds from local authorities and if we continue in that direction, we might just be in a position where the pandora’s box we opened can be shut again.

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