De-centralisation will make titles in history books. If you don’t know what it means, bear with me for just a minute. What if I told you that you change your mayor every week? well, this is no longer some airy fairy fantasies

This idea didn’t come about trendy pop-up stall, or a desk sharing-space in central London, but from a small village in the rural China.

Known for the Miao tribe, the first people to settle in modern China, this region missed out of the prosperity made in the booming cities. While trying tighten the gap between rich and poor in, what’s known as world’s fastest-growing economy, the Danzhai village started a co-operation with some of the biggest companies on the planet; Dalian Wanda Group.


The real estate giant invested millions in this region to make it more attractive to visitors. Setting up several initiatives, including a college to develop Miao technology, the main challenge was to find a leader, that would bring the best ideas into this small village of Guizhou.

Instead of focusing on a long-term initiative, where the same party would execute complicated projects involving political layers and NGOs, the mayor will be flown in to the area to make their idea real… in just a week. The idea is to get the locals get chance to use ideas in their own village and see what really works.


This is certainly a very brave experiment which, if works, might change the way we think about politics forever. I certainly hope that this region will get the best of the world’s ideas, although I’m slightly worried about turning  it into reality. Either way, it has definitely made a statement that, no matter where you are in the world, your idea is valid and will be heard.

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