Why I chose to live in rural Sicily

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DSC04002This summer, I put my baby on my back and set off to Sicily. The two of us travelled with a small rucksack of clothes along with a few baby bottles my little man continuously kept on throwing on the floor. Two dummies and three hours later, we were driving along the Sicilian coast, heading to some most remote parts of Europe.

My friends kept on asking me when I was coming back to London. Sicilian local news came to interview me to find out what on earth I was thinking. People came up to us in the streets, telling their stories, trying to find out more about our frame of mind.

DSC04017 (1)

No one could really understand why a journalist with a career in tech, would move from a place heaving with innovation and technology, to a part of the world that does not even have a taxi or food delivery app.

For me, the answer is simple: if we are trying to provide universal solutions, we need to understand the universal problem that lies in the heart of people’s daily lives around the world. Most of the world’s population is concentrated around urban areas, yet the rural parts play a very important role. Developing these, would allow us to maintain the living standards across the board, giving people access to products and services available in the cities, but most importantly, allow us to really join the dots and use technology to solve real problems.

DSC03972 (2)

I lived in the city my whole life. Food grows in the supermarket in my world, so while presenting a blockchain solution for organic food, I feel that there are parts missing – gaps of knowledge that, if filled, would allow us to improve the quality of the products and create a tech that really connects people once and for all.

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