Now when even Apple launched smart-home speaker, I feel that every single tech company has its own AI. But with all the perks on offer, it seems like the most popular one, is to make fun of it. Alexa, for example, has been manipulated left, right and centre and transformed into everything from skulls to taking fish heads. Here are some of the ideas for your Tuesday morning.

1 Billy Bass – The Talking Fish

A combination of Alexa and Raspberry PI (in short tech talk) lead to the birth of Billy Bass. It turns its head and talks… and guess what? you can’t complain about its fish memory.

2 Speaking skull – the creepy Alexa

First came the fish, then came the skull. There’s a tech evolution going on. Inspired by the Big Mouth Billy Bass , Mike McGurrin managed to make his Alexa speak out of a talking skull. Now, his old halloween costume is telling him the weather and some jokes.

3 Ubtech Alpha Robot – The Dancing Alexa

These guys have transformed Alexa into a real creature. A self-proclaimed family member, it speaks, moves, dances and even teaches you stuff. While not certain whether this is the AI we expected, it is great fun for sure.

4 The Christmas Tree – Festive Alexa

This weird creature is also based on Alexa. It may be seasonal, but you might want to prolong your Christmas just to have this little guy around for a little longer. All you need is Alexa, Raspberry Pi and, of course, a Christmas Tree.

5 Neon animations – The real Face of Alexa

In case you didn’t know how Alexa really looks like, here it is. Unlike other hacks, this one is designed from scratch both when it comes to the electronics and the face itself. The setup is much different and does not include any API’s or hacks of the Alexa itself. It simply makes the signal into a smiley face 🙂


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