IMG_8334Device Pilot: Finds problems in IoT (Internet of Things)  devices

Why is it important?

The NHS hacks made many realised how vulnerable our system is. With a massive expansion of IoT (Internet of things), monitoring the security of each item in our kitchen and in our office is becoming increasingly difficult. This is why it’s more important than ever to make sure that these things are running of a secured and protected code. In smart homes, hacking a kettle gives the hacker access to the whole house. DevicePilot is working at a solution to stop that – a sort of Antivirus for the new world.



Dronedeploy – Makes a 3D map out of your drone images

Why is it important?

Maps are some of the most important invention in human history. It gives us a location and an idea of where we’re heading. We can now build a whole 3D world together. It’s simple, you fly your drone, capture images and share it with everyone else. Dronedeploy takes it from there. The software puts it all together in a 3D-style crowd-sourced map, so no need for anyone to go around the world and try capturing every single street the way Google did.


Echo – Manages your prescriptions

Why is it important?

Anyone who ever had to manage a repeat prescription knows the pain. Once you realised that you’re running out of pills, you have to request, wait for days, visit your local surgery and then head to the pharmacy. With Echo, all that is in the past. It gives you a notch when you’re running out, reminds you where and how to take your medicine and delivers them to your door!


Plum – Saving for millennials

Why is it important?

Let’s be honest – our generation took the hit. If you graduated at the same time as me, you probably remember your house turning into a jobcentre while you were trying scrap for rent. It’s not like we weren’t cut out of saving, we just never had a chance to learn. Plum understands this way of thinking and has designed an app that helps you save each time you spend. It analyses your spending, tells you how much to aim for and transfers the money to a separate account.


Chip – Overdraft Clearance

Why is it important?

Quarter of the Britons only manage for 17 days before going overdrawn and millions are permanently in debt. Chip is the service that allows you to clear it at your own pace or all in one go. So no more hiding and get your life back track J



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