Does your drone match your outfit?

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These days, drones come in all sizes, shapes and forms. They are used for farming, spying and everything in between. And there are so many of them now. The marketplace has gone up by a whole 56%  in the and it seems to be growing with every passing day.


This is why we figured these buzzing creatures to follow us around to create the ultimate selfie. These drones, obviously, have their own personality.  I saw this  pink one and thought it would go great with my new jacket. You have to match your outfits, especially when you’re on a selfie-taking mission.

We post 93 million selfies every day. This may be why didn’t take long to figure out how to use this tech for the most important subject in the world: you. But do those numbers prove that we live in the era of ‘Great Narcissism’?

Well, you don’t need to be a psychologist to know that putting yourself in the centre of attention is narcissistic, but the trait is a bit more complex than that. Some would say that it’s the technology that forces s to behave in a certain way.

It is estimated that 10% suffer from full-blown narcissism with 6,2% of Americans showing severe narcissist disorders. Here are some signs:

  • You like being in the centre of attention: you find yourself telling stories that paint you in a better light. This includes little white lights that boost your image.
  • You love giving advice: sharing your knowledge is simply cool. You may be a Yelp reviewer or just you may just love telling people how to live their lives. Doesn’t really matter, as long you get to show off your superior knowledge.
  • You hate waiting: Things should happen now.. NOW! How can you be patient if the whole world has its eye on you.
  • There’s no limits to your greatness – You should reach the stars, otherwise, what’s the point? You fantasies about being on that stage, traveling around the world and.. obviously… being a millionaire.
  • The small print: You know when to make other people feel important, there’s no doubt about it. The only catch is that the “other people” must make you feel as important. Else there’s trouble.
  • Competition: There are no winners or losers in this world as long as you win.
  • Grudges: You say you welcome “constructive criticism”, but let’s be honest… you can’t stand it.
  • It’s never your fault: This time the sentence doesn’t start with a “you”, because there’s someone else to blame. This time, it just got to be about that idiot!
  • Take advantage: If someone offers you a free ride, why not take it? Surely that works perfectly fine as long as it’s about YOU.
  • Addiction: People, drugs, shopping. Whatever it is that makes you feel better.

I’m not sure whether all of us tick that list individually, but looking at our society today, makes me think whether we as a species tick all those criteria together. Centre of attention? Well, we all have social media accounts where everything is about us. Companies are fighting to win everyone’s gaze at least for a moment. We’re being told that everything is just a few clicks away, which means that we simply can’t standing waiting. And let’s be honest: who can honestly say that they’re not addicted to their phone?

Question is: who’s the follower in this game of many? Is it the drone following us or are we following the drone to make sure that it captures all those moments of our lives?

It may be an irrelevant question. In the end of the day; you and your selfie drone can exist together and go for a walk like you and your pet would in the good old days. So, whether the drone is pink or blue, it will follow you. Wherever you go! But walking with it up and down the streets, you definitely need to make sure it matches your outfit. So more colourful drones, please!

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